Capture Your Grief – Day 1. Sunrise Dedication

Capture Your Grief – Day 1. Sunrise Dedication


Leah came across this healing project that goes for 30 days. You can learn more here if you would like. Each day is a different subject. Today is sunrise dedication. Leah had her alarm set for just before 7:40 AM, right around sunrise time in our hometown. Unfortunately, it was a pretty crappy morning weather-wise. Not much sun to look at. We still snapped the photo nonetheless.

This subject was all about taking the world in and just reflecting. Our house is surrounded by trees so we had to drive to a more open area. The photo was taken on the side of the road in the car so I don’t know how much reflecting there was. Here I am now, though. My word for this project is PURPOSE. Ever since Aveline passed away, I have found purpose in my life. I feel that I have begun the process of focusing on what matters in life and dispensing with the nonsense. Ava changed my world in so many ways- a perfect daughter by all accounts. My life will have much more purpose because of Ava. Period.

I want everyone on this earth who is suffering through the loss of their child to know that I understand the pain that you feel. I will never know it as you do, but I get it. I can only hope and pray that you find peace. I am sorry that you have encountered what is the most tragic event of your life. I hope that you find the strength to endure the pain and that you find whatever purpose or answers you are searching for. I know you probably want to quit at times, but don’t.

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